08 outubro 2006


Best-sellers na Califórnia

Esta é a lista do Los Angeles Times para os livros mais vendidos (publicada hoje, dia 8 de Outubro).

Já agora, na edição deste domingo da CalendarLive, a revista de livros do Los Angeles Times, ler a crítica ao livro de Ian Buruma, Murder in Amsterdam, sobre a morte de Theo Van Gogh:
«a native's reflection on what the ritualistic murder of filmmaker and provocateur Theo van Gogh by an Islamist fanatic in 2003 augurs for multiculturalism in the Netherlands. The book contains little hard data and makes no pretense of being social science. It's impressionistic, excursive reportage — centering on a dozen or so interviews — that is knowing and intimate but occasionally marred by subtly questionable assumptions.»

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